Screens waking up again and again

Hello Community,
please bear with me it this is a known problem. I could not find the right search terms to find anything useful about my problem.

My monitors will constantly wake up again and again when they are supposed to be blanked out / got to stand-by if I let my PC sit on its own for a while.

This happens since several versions of Manjaro - I received/built this PC in January and there is Windows 10 and Manjaro GNOME installed on it. I have briefly tried Manjaro KDE and Manjaro Xfce on it, but I seem to be a GNOME kind of guy. I cannot remember wether the monitor issue happened on Plasma or Xfce, too. It does not happen in Windows, only in Manjaro. Also, I have not tried other Linux-distrubutions with this PC.

My PC is an all-AMD desktop system (Ryzen 5 3600X + Radeon 5600 xt), 32GB Ram, 1 M2 SSD for system, 2 x 1TB SATA SSDs for /home and Windows Data. I use the opensource drivers for AMD (have not changed anything after install). It does not matter wether I use Wayland or X11 (I’m on X11 because of screen sharing in Skype).
Manjaro release is the “normal” one, all updates done (this problem persists since a long time, so I think it’s rather a configuration issue).

Before this PC, I used an older Dell all-Intel laptop with the same monitors that did not show this behavior.

I hope for an easy remedy that one of you can point me to :slight_smile: