Screen tearing with a newer nVidia GPU

Which KDE version is that?

My KDE runs perfectly well, no tearing, super fast, no issues with games, dual-monitor.
Believe me, I know what tearing is like :slight_smile: and I wrote several comments on that topic during the last three years.

I cannot confirm the issues of the bug report on 5.15.x

On a sidenote, I do have minor tearing issues with compton on i3, but only since the last few major updates of compton (they also changed things related to glx_swap). the faulty patch

The fixed code:

We're not imagining problems here.. Unless you want to rebuild it with the code yourself, the AUR package is a quick solution with some extra bonuses. If you don't see an issue, it doesn't necessarily mean there isn't one. :slight_smile:

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I hardly understand anything :sweat_smile:

Don't worry, I believe you, you know your stuff :slight_smile:
It's just that I'm not affected, neither high CPU usage nor tearing.
But maybe OP is?

I wasn't replying to you.

Follow the configuration instructions from my first post. Use your current kernel. You already have the right video driver.

Install kwin-lowlatency from AUR and replace kwin. Make sure you have fully updated kde frameworks and packages beforehand on either the stable or testing branch.

Then configure as described.

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Regretfully, they've applied the same faulty logic. Nvidia and Linux has been a lifelong toxic love affair. You know she's not good for you but you can't afford to buy a new one.. oh wait.

My toxic love affair with nvidia now enters its 16th year :wink: not yet ready for a divorce, as she does everything I want her to do. And she does it well.
Will switch to AMD when I get a new computer at the end of the year.

I'm having trouble installing kwin-lowlatency since the git clone url is invalid, I am new to such stuff and to Linux as a whole.
I will try to figure it out by myself.

This is exactly the approach that would see you running back to the forum from another device.

Read about AUR helpers and how to integrate them in Octopi. Install trizen or yay. Read Manjaro's wiki pages and the forum's instruction topics. For the things you can't find there search the Arch wiki. And for anything that isn't clear, please ask. If not me, somebody else will answer from this friendly and approachable community. It's easier to get help now before you corrupt the system and chroot is needed.

Seems like installing kwin-lowlatency did the trick, thanks!

Also, even if Linux is way more complicating than other OS's, I won't abandon it any time soon!

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I get this on my GEFORCE GTX 960 4GB, Screen tearing has been my main concern for a while, even on different distros, same effect.

@torvic9 How do i enable Tripple Buffer.

Try Enabling Force full composition pipeline
Nvidia X Server Settings >X Server Display Configuration >Advanced.

Also try disabling Hardware Acceleration in your browser.

install kwin-lowlatency from AUR, if you are on KDE.

@huskyhunter same applies to you..

It's all that it takes guys, that's why it's marked as the solution in this topic..

I did try that but it still tear but it was better than before but after i enabled FFC it works good but still sometimes tears. And you were the one who helped me with installing kwin.

kwin-lowlatency adds a few new toggles in Settings -> Compositing, maybe try playing with these.
Also make sure that the version of kwin-lowlatency corresponds to KDE/Plasma that is actually installed (i.e. use 5.16.0 for KDE 5.16).

After a few weeks of using kwin-lowlatency, I can say that it doesn't make much of a difference on my desktop which is also tear-free and smooth with the default kwin.

That wasn't fixed yet? How? Qt version 5.12.4 or later should have fix this regression, btw.

Just to registry, I am on Arch since this regression and I have no problem here. I don't know how this regression affected Kubuntu and Manjaro, but not Arch.

Not at the time of writing. I'm still sticking to kwin-lowlatency because of the ... low latency you know :smiley:

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