Screen tearing on multi monitor setup, only when orientation of monitors is different

Hello there,
I tried searching the forum and did not find my specific problem. I tried different things, but want to start fresh, maybe someone here has suggestions.

I recently connected a second display to my computer running manjaro with i3 windowmanager. The second monitor is vertical 4K display, the primary is a horizontal 4K display. When i set both in the same orientation, the screen tearing goes away. When i set them how they are standing on my desk, i have horrible screen tearing (top of screen seems to be in front of the lower part of the screen, with a horizontal tear in the middle) while images are moving on my screen.

I remember having a similar issue with only one monitor, until I enabled vsync option in picom configuration.

I’m happy about all suggestions, also if i should append some output of some command, please let me know.

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It’s great you were able to solve the issue on your own and made an edit to reflect that, however this topic will forever be “unsolved” according to how the Discourse forum software works. Therefore, I’ve quoted your solution and will mark this reply as “Solved.” :wink:

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