Screen tearing Chromium and Firefox can be fixed, but tearing returns after every restart

Newly installed Kde Plasma OS, with all the latest updates. I have got screen tearing in both Chromium and Firefox. Both screen tearing issues can be easily fixed with toggling between opengl 2.0 and opengl 3.1. in the compositor meny of the system settings. It doesnt matter which opengl version is active, the toggling seems to do the trick: instantly no more screen tearing.

BUT, when I restart my computer, the screen tearing is back. Somehow the fiddling in the compositor menu does not stick.

Everything else is working fine, however I have got 1 returing pop up message after every restart about Kwin manager: something about an application that has disabled the desktop effects. And it suggests I can press alt plus shift and f12 to activate the desktop effects again. I have no clue what this pop up means, but I get it at every restart as well.

In your settings/compositor you have a option called allow apps to disable compositor or something like this, check if you have it enable and disable it.

Thanks for that tip, but unfortunately disabling that option on the bottom of the compositor menu is something I have already done and it didn matter.

The notification I get when starting kde manjaro up is entirely related though to an application blocking the compositor from functioning. But how do I find out which function it is? And how can I use that notification to fix this problem? I love Kde Manjaro, but I have switced to Xfce Manjaro before, just because of this annoying screen tearing. Fortunately it is instantly fixed every time I toggle between opengl 2 and 3 in the compositor settings, but it wont stick. If anyone can help me make the compositor start up during start up I would be very pleased.

I solved my problem by a brand new install of Kde Manjaro.

Weirdly enough at one moment (when messing with my external screen and with some desktop settings) my screen tearing came back.

I dont know how, but I got it solved. I guess (guess) that a combination of different desktop dark effects was the cause of screen tearing. I still have a dark theme desktop now ( free of screentearing) but I have chosen a different kind of combination of dark themes.

To conclude: I never had issues with screen tearing in Xfce. Only in Kde. And I have read that (over the years) with different distributions, many Linux users have experienced screen tearing with Kde and Nvidia or Intel graphics as well…

All ends well though, with some tweaking the desktop effects and possibly some other settings for my external screen, I now have NO screen tearing any more and I can enjoy youtube (etc) with much delight!

I had the same problem with Firefox, but not with Chrome/Chromium. I did find the following video, and it worked and I haven’t had to change anything on KDE’s compositor settings. I also didn’t have to do the Intel script, either. I hope this helps:

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