Screen switching off and on during boot

Hi, I recently installed Manjaro XFCE and have been loving it so far. The only problem that I am experiencing, is that the screen repeatedly flashes on and off with a blank screen during boot. After a while the login screen appears and everything seems to be fine. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Screen flickering during boot is normal because the video card is being (re-)initialized.

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Thanks for the tip, I was unsure as I never had this happen with previous GNU/Linux installations. Also, the boot time is very slow, close to 45 seconds, which is twice as long as my previous Debian system.

Did you use proprietary drivers in them also?

You could startt a different topic for that if you want to investigate that…

Yes, I did. I’ll start a new thread, thanks for your help!

If you used same drivers then there is something different going on, because as you know all distro’s use same drivers and software, it’s just the combination and choices made that are different.
(Apart from the package manager)

To help others to help you better i would suggest to follow: