Screen Sharing with TV

Pinebook Pro hardware using the latest Majaro 20.2
Hi all. Any idea how to project my Pinebook Pro screen onto a Samsung TV at our local community organization? During meetings the secretary has his HP Laptop doing this.
Firstly, I have canvased this at Pine64 Forum. I have been advised to install the “linux-pinebookpro” package to output through the usb-c port. I hesitated doing this because Manjaro wanted to remove my latest kernel and replace it with Kernel 5.7.
Doesn’t Windows use wireless to talk to the TV? Have any PBP fans configured their laptop to “Share” the screen with a TV for example.

What do Samsung TV’s use? Miracast? DLNA? Once you find the protocol, you’ll find a program.

Tip: If you find something in the AUR that doesn’t specify aarch64, just add it to the arch() array in the PKGBUILD and try it out.

Thanks - I need to check the TV protocol. Pop-bin has come up in search results for me. I tried to git clone this but came up against “not available for the aarch64 architecture” error. Not sure how to apply your last comment to fix this.

pop-bin is a precompiled x86 binary release (hence the -bin suffix) and will not work with any other architecture. It’s proprietary software with no source to compile, unfortunately.

If you do find something that builds from source, just follow these instructions to obtain the PKGBUILD:

Again, just add aarch64 to the arch() array; i.e.

arch=('x86_64' 'aarch64')

Still going with this. I am looking into the Google hardware and software to see if they could enable the PBP to cast its screen to TV.

You can check if your Samsung TV allows you to install the Chromecast app. Not all Samsung TVs have the ability, but some do.