Screen rotation with iio-sensor-proxy doesn't work

On my spectre x360 aw-0xxx I’m having trouble getting screen rotation to work, though all sources say it should work out of the box in Gnome.

iio-sensor-proxy is working fine, all the way up to dbus, if I do this:

watch -n 1 'gdbus introspect --system --dest net.hadess.SensorProxy --object-path /net/hadess/SensorProxy | grep AccelerometerOrientation'

I can see the output changing from normal to right-up or left-up if I tilt my laptop.
The screen rotation lock is off, both checked with Super-o and via dconf (org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchscreen.orientation-lock == false)

Apparently Gnome is aware of the rotation, because when I turn the laptop, the keyboard is locked and the keyboard backlight turned off. So it appears to be just the screen rotation which is not working. Is there any way to debug this (or better: solve it :wink: )?

Any ideas?

Just chiming in to note that I am seeing the exact same thing.

Were you ever able to figure this out?

Not yet unfortunately. It used to be working on kde though, so it appears to be a pure gnome thing. But strange there’s so little experience (or at least so little feedback) with this issue; gnome is arguably used by many.

On my desktop computer I’m using awesome-gnome but increasingly dissatisfied with the stability of the gnome-flashback session that is part of it. And on the laptop I still need some scripted xrandr hacks for external monitors, so I might be getting to the point where it’s better to just do away with the gnome session altogether and hand-craft a custom session with awesome on the laptop too (though I’d still have to see how suitable awesome would be on a convertible in tablet mode…)

I’m also having the same issue. It was working fine until an update around mid-November. I was hoping it would get fixed in another update but nothing yet. I’ve also found that (after the same update) the onscreen keyboard no longer pops up automatically when using the touchscreen. Not sure if there’s a link?

I ended up going to instantOS (still in beta), since I wanted the tiling WM experience in combination with tablet friendliness. (It does a great job at that, even though obviously it has still many rough edges because it’s beta).

It still didn’t provide auto-rotate, so I finally ended up using 2in1screen as described here. You need to customise it yourself but it works nicely.

Update today has fixed the issue for me. Hooray!