Screen Recording and Screenshare makes system super slow

I’ve recently switched from Windows to using Manjaro, and one thing I’ve noticed is that when recording in OBS or while screensharing in discord I get a huge performance impact compared to what I did on Windows, which would only bring it down a few frames, whereas on Manjaro I get hit by at least 20fps in games with constant stutters. I’m using a RX-560 card and an i7-960 CPU (yes I know it’s very old). Is there anything I can do about this?

extra info; kernel 57, kde plasma, 24gb ram

Sounds like OBS is not using your GPU (I believe Discord is Chrome based and Chrome doesn’t bother enabling hardware acceleration on Linux). Can you ensure that first?

Ah, yikes. OBS wasn’t properly detecting the hardware, so I got that patched up, but it sucks that Discord doesn’t bother using hardware, I used it quite often.

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