Screen Off on Boot

When I boot Manjaro on my Laptop, a Dell Inspiron 3583, only the backlight is on, the rest of the screen is off, I tried waiting, but I found out by chance, that if I close the lid, wait and reopen it again, the Screen turns on and works again. I don’t have this problem in Windows, so I believe, that it’s related to Manjaro. I have the latest (open source) Graphics drivers installed and the latest stable kernel and also everything else up to date.

Edit, my iGPU is an Intel HD 620 and my “dedicated” GPU is an AMD Radeon 520.

Interesting phenomenon.

Have you ever ran any other versions of Linux? Did the problem exist there?
How long have you had this installation? Has it never worked, or did this issue appear one day?
When you boot the laptop, what do you see?
Does the backlight of the screen come on, and does the screen stay black, or does the backlight not turn on at all? (you mentioned backlight, but it could mean keyboard backlight. Going for verification here)
If the backlight does turn on, do you see anything? The PC manufacturer logo for example?
Could you try holding Shift on boot, to see if the GRUB menu loads?

Something else that came to mind:
Does your laptop have a display output? VGA, HDMI?
Are you able to test using an external display?

Yes I have and the problem only occurs on Manjaro since Kernel 5.9 and the installation is a few weeks old (I tried a fresh install because of this problem) The Laptop boots up normally, I see Manjaro’s gnugrub, but at the log in screen it quickly turns off but the display’s backlight stays on. While booting I don’t see the manufacturers logo, but also before this happened I didn’t see it when booting into Manjaro. Also the Caps Lock Key is lit which is normal. When holding shift nothing happens, but it didn’t work before either. Just closing the lid and opening it again makes it work.

Yes, it has an HDMI port and I’ve tried it and it works fine with an external monitor, only on the Laptop’s Display the Pixels go black.

Maybe very simple, but… Does your keyboard have display brightness buttons? Do those work?

What DE are you using? KDE? GNOME? Have you tried switching?

So if I understand correctly, you do see the login screen? Like where you select the user and fill in your password? But only shortly, that is.

Can you get to a TTY? Press Ctrl+Alt+F3. (And Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go back)

Holding shift during booting was supposed to show the GRUB bootloader, but since it already shows by default for you, that does not apply.

Can you revert to an older LTS kernel? Currently it’s kernel 5.4, I believe.

Yes, I have display brightness keys and they work perfectly fine.
I’m using XFCE and I have tried switching to KDE, but same issue.
Sometimes I see the login screen for about half a second and sometimes not at all.
I can access all 6 TTYs.
I can revert to older kernels which does fix it.

Just closing the lid until the backlight turns off, then opening, would show the login screen usually, but now after updating the kernel again, the issue changed a little bit, now I have to close the lid and when I open it, the login screen on a very low brightness, almost black and I have to click for it to go to normal brightness.

Hmm, it may be a stretch, but do you have secure boot enabled in your BIOS?
Recently I had a laptop that had an issue that on the surface looks similar to yours, and disabling secure boot fixed that.
Might be worth a shot.

Otherwise, can you try accessing a TTY and doing the following:

Log into a text console as above and run startx . This should either start X, in which case the issue lies with your Display Manager (e.g. GDM, LightDM, SDDM), OR you will be presented with some output and returned to the console. Of particular interest are Error (EE) lines.

Taken from here: [Fix] System doesn’t boot, boots to a black screen, or stops at a message