Screen lock does not accept my password

After having upgraded my kernel from 5.4 to 5.10, experiencing keyboard/mouse lock from what I assume are energy star features, removing light-locker and going back to xfce4-screensaver as light-locker was installed due to an issue years ago, I now encounter another issue.

The screen lock does not accept my password.
I can do Alt+Ctrl+F2 and login there, though I forgot how to restart Xfce windows, so I have to restart my computer yet again, except this time I can at least type sudo reboot.

Are you using more than one keyboard layouts?
I had a similar behavior, because I was typing Greek in the lock screen. Some lock screens display the keyboard layout, but others not and it can be confusing.

No, but I do use a custom dvorak-based keyboard layout sø î càǹ t¥p€ fùñký lœŧterȥ.
My keyboard has an adjustment lock button for that, but that doesn’t seem to help either.