screen goes black randomly

hey guys.
My screen goes black occasionally specially when playing games.
This doesnt happen on Windows 10.
Any ideas how to solve it?

my specs:
Ryzen 5 2600

Power management settings.

Automatic suspend is disabled.
And blank screen is set to never.
still happens

It's been a few years since I last ran Xfce, but it did have a nice little power setting add-on in the tray to set "Presentation Mode" or some such, just to prevent your situation.

Please continue inspecting the options Xfce already gives you.

Im using gnome

And your profile shows Xfce. Thanks for wasting my time.

Oh sorry forgot to update it.
everything updated now.

It's a combination of settings in GNOME, in System Settings and Tweaks. If nobody else answers you, I'll be in CentOS later today and can help you then.


Thanks anyway. Just one more thing.
Can it be something with x?


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