Screen freezes randomly but system accepts inputs

Cool, glad that it worked! Did you also figure out which of the options had the positive effect or did you just keep it with all three options?

@Photon Sorry, due to im facing the exact same situation on my X260 Thinkpad.

However, as im complete noob and new. How can i try kernel parameters? What am i supposed to do in order to try out the kernel parameters, is there anything I'm missing here, do i need to download anything or etc.

Nope, no downloads at all, just add the parameters to the boot line in GRUB, the boot manager: If problems arise, please post!

So this is what i did. I hope im not getting you wrongly. But it seems like that's what i did.

I went to terminal and type
sudo nano /etc/default/grub.conf

and add the parameters in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT

and i saved it and type

sudo grub update

apparently now i can't boot into manjaro after grub it shows me this message with blackscreen with no input available.

Failed to parse "udev.log_priority=3,", ignoring: Operation not permitted

You can edit the boot line inside Grub itself and remove whatever changes you have done. To do so, press "e" while in the boot menu.

`GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet apparmor=1 security=apparmor resume=UUID=0d33ca89-8532-4f7c-b759-2ab193053ca9 udev.log_priority=3, i915.enable_dc=0, i915.enable_fbc=0 and i915.enable_psr=0 "


Hope you dont mind im being irritating.

Now I'm able to boot into manjaro. But what have i done wrong? Wouldn't the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT be the correct place where i enter the parameter?

the bold part is where inserted it.

Just remove all the commas, there should be only spaces between the boot parameters.

It seems like it's still not working. I tried to remove comma and tried to move it to


But all shows the same error messages.

Did you run "update-grub"? How does the boot line look currently? Maybe you missed some of the commas?

Nope, i did removes all the comma as well as the update-grub.

However, after the latest 14th updates on manjaro. It seems like the screen freeze has currently disappears after my 2hours usage on it now. Haha. Although i have no idea what was going on.

But really really appreciates your help Photon, it's just easier for people to adopt linux with maestros like you around! Thanks!

Post again, if the problems reappear. I'd be surprised if the were to just disappear automagically. :wink:

@ahlooii You should not only remove the commas, but also the "and". The text you copied from @Photon was not meant to be directly pasted to the file. The line should say:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="i915.enable_dc=0 i915.enable_fbc=0 i915.enable_psr=0"

I'm having the same issue, so I'm trying Photon's suggestion too. Also on a Lenovo Thinkpad btw, same as both eru and ahlooii ( Screen freezes randomly on Manjaro KDE (Lenovo Thinkpad X260) ), but an X390 instead of X260. Could this be relevant?

Oh well, I was quite blind and missed the "and"... :smiley: Thanks for resolving the mystery!

Hi there

Sorry for the very late reply, but the best result I can get is to set i915.enable_fbc=0 and i915.enable_psr=0 with a minimal cpu frequency of 1000MHz.
Then there are no freezes or sluggy video playback, everything seems to be fine. Honestly maybe the solution is just to set the 1000MHz limit, but for now it's fine and I'm quiet happy with my x260 and manjaro.

Here are detailed instructions what to do, maybe it's useful, even it's so late...

Add the following to the kernelparamer to /etc/default/grub

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="... i915.enable_fbc=0 i915.enable_psr=0"

And make sure to have the HOOK modconf in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

HOOKS="... modconf ..."

After that execute

mkinitcpio -p linux[VERSION] (f.ex.: mkinitcpio -p linux53)




Check status

systool -vm i915


sudo grep -H '' /sys/module/i915/parameters/ | cut -d'/' -f6 | sort -n

here are some usefull links

x260 arch linux wiki

x260 manjaro

After that execute

mkinitcpio -p linux[VERSION] (f.ex.: mkinitcpio -p linux53 )

That command is only necessary if you had to add modconf to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, right?

What is the expected output of systool -vm i915? Is just to check the settings for enable_fbc and enable_psr?

Anyway, I set enable_fbc=0 and enable_psr=0 and changed the minimum CPU frequency to 1000MHz, using cpupower frequency-set --min 1000MHz, and none of that seems to have resolved the issue for me. I'm still getting the freezes. : (

I'm using a Lenovo X390 with a docking station.

My goodness. It worked.

Haih. Being abit sentiment here. It's really people like you and proton makes an average user like me would stay on linux because it's really time consuming compare to using windows.

I initially gave up on this the screen issue. But it seems pretty promising for NOW!! Thanks again!!!

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You might have this issue here:


Thanks! I'll check it out!

My freezing issue seems to have been resolved by using the 4.19 kernel! Hopefully the problem will be fixed in 5.4.

Thank you so much, @moson!

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I've used kernel 5.4 for for a few day now, without any freezing. So both 4.19 and 5.4 seem to work fine!

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