Screen Edges / Hot Corners | I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;-)

Initially i assumed this would be relevant only for other Plasmoids, but on reflection maybe Cinnamonners might also wanna participate... all others of relevance also welcome of course.

One of the plethora of Plasma features i love, & which i intensively use a squillion times a day in what i self-mockingly call my enhanced "productivity" [ha!], is Screen Edges. Afaik Cinnamon has Hot Corners, & those running Compiz in their [Xfce, & also MATE?] DEs can do similar, more or less.

Fwiw, here's mine, & i'd love to see how other Manjaroos use this cool tool pls.

Until recently i also enabled the LHS edge with Present Windows - Current Desktop [highly useful], but i recently chose to add a 2nd KSmoothDock there [fyi, August Aberations (2019) Screenshots], whose AutoHide function needs that edge to be inactive. To compensate, i added this widget to my top Plasma Panel near-LHS corner:

...which is configured as

So, wotdyaallgot?

That is my "layout". Most of all I use the "command bar", don't know its "real" name...
In German it is "Befehl ausführen".

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At the moment I have a single corner active in cinnamon: upper left for workspace switching. I am thinking about turning it off completely tho since just as in Gnome I keep activating it by mistake .

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Here's mine:

Edit #1: Although i have to test-drive the desktop grid at the right edge setting for awhile first. May or may not keep it, depending on how much it interferes with the scroll bar.

Edit #2: Also with Toggle Window Switching. Let's see if i can adapt over the course of a week.


cough Here's MINE!


:rofl: Yeah, that's how mine looked like for the longest time because i stubbornly refused to activate it. Until now.

Starting to get the hang of it, but already made one change so far (i.e. Desktop Grid is now at bottom left corner instead of right edge.)

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Hey! You copied my setup!


I'll never activate them. They annoy me to no end.
I'll be doing something and I'll bump my mouse. It'll move over to a corner and all of a sudden BAM! desktop or activity manager or whatever.
I have enough stress in my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm a keyboard shortcut nerd. I come from windows and for me having keyboard shortcuts for that OS was a necessity.

Nuh-uh! You copied mine!


This is what i'm currently experiencing. However, i put it down to me going full Neanderthal with the mouse during daily usage, whereas some finesse would solve that issue. For me. Mouse bumps on the other hand.... i hear ya, frustrating! :innocent:

I came from OS/2. Y'all copied ME! :crazy_face:


A little delay is all you need!:grin:

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Well, that didn't take long. New update:

  1. Top Left - Application Launcher
  2. Bottom Left - Desktop Grid
  3. Top Right - Show Desktop
  4. Bottom Right - Present Windows - Current Desktop

Gone are the left and right edges. Too many false triggers to afford on a daily basis. Moreover, the left edge to toggle window switching didn't make enough sense to keep, since the same end result can be achieved with #2 & #4.

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Teehee, tis fun, ain't it? Also, your latest changes seem ideal for you now, but over time it's entirely possible you'll feel a need to further tweak, to match your changed sensibilities & organically enhanced workflow. The marvellous thing is -- we have the tools here to go right ahead & make those tweaks. I love it.


Debatable since i'm usually in full Neanderthal mode, and you know neanderthals are neither sensible nor organically enhanced. Well, maybe a little. :crazy_face:

But yes, it is definitely fun indeed. Tweaking and re-tweaking to one's heart's content. This is why i love Linux in general, and Manjaro KDE specifically. It's just so easy!


Mine looks something like this.

(It is for a bottom panel. I am kind of undecided about PW usage.)

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A question to those Manjaroo Plasmoids who use Present Windows - All Desktops. Do you perceive some tangible advantage of this over Desktop Grid?

I have 9 VDs [my arrangement for years] & it is common to have various app windows open on most or all of these. For me, PW-AD induces a distinct sense of stress/anxiety, because it just seems a chaotic visual assault of random higglety piggletiness. In contrast, DG shows me not only all my windows, but in a nice proportional logical sequence, so i can "find" my "window of interest" instantly [i have quite a strong sense of spatial awareness, which directly intersects with my standard workflow of "always" using some apps on specific VDs, ie, i thus always kinda sorta "know" where each running app is -- DG supports that, whereas PW-AD conflicts badly with it].

Present Windows - Current Desktop is brilliantly useful, but Present Windows - All Desktops seems more a threat to my blood pressure than an actual helpful tool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What say you?

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While it may not be apparent. Present Windows does have a "hidden" feature that lets the user type and filter search the opened apps. Which somewhat excuses the visual overdose (especially for PW-All) under heavy workload.

Though I understand this approach is up to preference. Maybe it works okay for the untidy user.

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Ta for that info. I expect that might be handy for some other Plasmoids, but for me it is "useless" in that i very strongly expect & prefer to use my mouse for full interaction with my desktop, graphically. I definitely eschew having to take my hand off my mouse & use the keyboard... this is far from the only, but nonetheless a strong, reason that i hate GNOME in its vanilla guise & have to option-it up with myriad Extensions, which then become a major breakage point each G version upgrade. Anyway G is obviously OT here, other than to reinforce that needing "gnomish" habits in KDE does not find any favour with me at all.

This is what i've continued to use for over a month. This is gonna be my default config.

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