Screen doesn’t turn on

Hello, i bought a new ssd for my old laptop and tried to install manjaro with an usb stick. During the installation my screen turned off. After a while i had to shutdown the laptop with the power button. Now the screen doesn’t turn on at all. I can’t try to reinstall manjaro. even if i put the HDD back on (with a windows instalation) the screen doesn’t turn on. The fan still works.

is your laptop charged??

If you opened your laptop to replace the HDD with the SSD, and is an old laptop, make sure that there was no damage to any of the cables, nor they got loose somehow … In worst case scenario, could be just a coincidence with all your process, and simply the lamp of the screen burned out, or the CCLF inverter board fried … but is not caused by installing Manjaro.

Try to reset the BIOS before further speculation/investigation.

changed the topic title because was inflammatory