Screen crashes and freezes completely if laptop is not plugged into charging

That sounds like a hardware problem to me. Your battery is probably dying, and the display subsystem is one of the biggest consumers of electricity. Obviously your battery cannot provide the juice anymore to power your GPU.


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@Aragorn NO, Battery is in great condition. windows work perfectly fine. before the update, manjaro was also working fine. Also screen tears and freezes,

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Hello, I have edited the post and added the information from the konsole. Also here is a photo of my screen when it is unplugged.

Battery is fine @Aragorn (76%, 8.4v delivered when 7.5 is minimum) so @pradyuman it must have to do with energy savings: did you add any third-party tools to increase battery savings?

If yes: tweak those settings to exclude your graphics subsystem!

If not, use the standard tools to remove energy savings:


grep "TLP_ENABLE" /etc/tlp.conf

If you get:


Execute the following to turn off battery savings altogether:

sudo sed 's/TLP_ENABLE=1/TLP_ENABLE=0/' /etc/tlp.conf

reboot and try again.

If that solves your problem and you don’t want to tweak individual settings you’re done!

If you still want battery savings, edit /etc/tlp.conf with your favourite editor and tweak your settings manually.

For more information:

man tlp


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I did execute both the commands and rebooted, but still it’s the same. It loads up-to login screen then glitches for few times and freezes as in earlier photo.
note: this problem starts only after I update. fresh installation of KDE worked perfectly fine.


  2. Switch to Ctrl+Alt+F2

  3. log in there

  4. execute:

    journalctl --system --boot=0 --priority=3 | tail --lines=50 > /tmp/myjournal.txt
  5. Copy /tmp/myjournal.txt to a USB sick

  6. post it here in-between 3 ```


I tried tty2 login but it shows invalid login. does this need a different login? while installing I had only one username and two passwords and I remember them both. now it says your account is locked and you have only 6 min to unlock it. I panicked, forced shutdown and restarted it again and login normally. what happened ? Have I done something irreversible ? please walk me through.

I have tried the following to make sure that I am using the correct credentials.

[sudo] password for pradyuman: 
New password: 
Retype new password: 
passwd: password updated successfully
[pradyuman@pradyuman-PC ~]$ sudo passwd Pradyumann
passwd: user 'Pradyumann' does not exist
[pradyuman@pradyuman-PC ~]$ sudo passwd Pradyuman
passwd: user 'Pradyuman' does not exist```

Looking at your technical knowledge and the state your system is in, it’s going to be easier for you to read this:


  • Boot a new Manjaro .iso from USB
  • backup your data
  • reinstall
  • be more conservative as to what you do with the new install until you learn more

Nope, I’ve been in the same situation as you: I messed too much with themes and abandoned software and installed from source and … and then couldn’t figure out what I did any more.


reinstall? have I messed up in tty2 login? right now system is working as before. that is in constant charge. even if I reinstall, cumulative update will still mess it up. what’s in the update that my system isn’t cooperating? Also, I am stuck with the current system because my boot-able USB’s are fried dead. have to buy a new one.

Huh??? So none of the weird screen tearing any more? Everything back to normal???


NO, the problem still is the same. I have to keep it plugged into charging all the time. if I remove the charger, it will start flickering and in few second it will freeze as in the photo I shared earlier.

Could you boot a Manjaro ISO and see if it happens there too?

manjaro ISO as in from the USB right? that worked perfectly fine, with or without charging. fresh installation also worked great. it is the first update that messes up my screen.

I want to try this option, but I don’t know exactly how,
screen flickering

panel self refresh (PSR), a power saving feature used by Intel iGPUs is known to cause flickering in some instances FS#49628 FS#50605. A temporary solution is to disable this feature using the kernel parameter i915.enable_psr=0

If I would be you, I would:

And then:

  • If it works: restore data backup
  • If it doesn’t, report back

I have reinstalled manjaro, even the fresh installation (without updating) cannot sustain being unplugged. I have been at it for a month now and still no solution.

By now, I have to agree with @Aragorn that you have a hardware problem: have your machine serviced by a qualified service person…


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AAhh mannn, I recently switched from windows like just a month ago cause I got a ransomeware attack on it. so I switched to manjaro. anyway I am installing kubuntu now, I’ll update how that goes. thank you for all the help and time.

This is an update about the screen problem I was facing in manjaro. I have been using kubuntu for about 2 weeks now, there has been no problem in using the laptop while plugged or unplugged. however I have seen similar problem while shutting down. it happens at random. I have experienced it 3 times now. otherwise it works great.

Hope this feedback be of help. thank you.