Screen blocker is damaged ("loginctl unlock-session c1" problem)

Hi all, hope you can help me with this issue which is repeating eventually on my plasma mobile pinephone.

Sometimes, when the system suspends, and I try to unblock it, appears a black screen that says:

"The screen blocker is damaged and it cannot be unblocked; change to a virtual terminal, start session on it and execute the next command:

loginctl unlock-session c1

close the virtual terminal session typing Ctrl+D and change to the session you where using (Ctrl+Alt+F2)"

Do you know how can I fix this? I have searched on several webs but no success.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @GonPlasma,
This happens from time to time with plasma mobile.

For me, the lock screen often works again after a reinstallation of manjaro (save files, reflash and restore).

If you changed your installation to the testing/unstable branch or added the kde-unstable repo to /etc/pacman.conf, this may have caused the problem. Try a new installation that you leave on the stable branch.

If the problem persists, you can only wait until a software update fixes the problem.

thanks so much @Batman , finally I adopted the solution of using Manjaro Phosh, which is much more stable to me, despite of the usability, versatility and speed of Plasma Mobile. Hope developers can fix that issue soon.

On my phone, it wrote it on the vertical screen, omitting the first and last characters of each row. I learned the complete command here. Issuing it on the ssh terminal unlocked it.

The ssh terminal just displayed a broadcast message: “The system is going down for suspend NOW!”.

Hi, I copied the Manjaro Plasma image to my Pinephone last night, and then, I installed updates with pacman since Discovery wasn’t installing the updates. Today, after entering my PIN, there is a blank screen and then this error message. I just cut it off because I haven’t learned how to ssh although I can telnet with Jumpdrive, but I don’t know what to do in telnet. I was thinking about copying the Manjaro Plasma image back to the eMMC and considering not installing updates. I might even switch back to Phosh if more people think it works better. I was using Phosh with Mobian, but Manjaro Plasma was using bluetooth better than Mobian. I welcome advice :slightly_smiling_face:

PS – I copied the Manjaro Phosh to my phone, and it’s working well. It looks better than Mobian Phosh, and there are no updates. I think the image was from a couple weeks ago. Once again, the system just works with my bluetooth speaker, so I think I’m all set!

I’ve been getting the same error on the Beta 13 stable build.

Turning off automatic screen locking after waking from sleep seemed to stop it, and turning it back on reproduced the issue (after letting the phone go to suspend and hitting the power button to wake it up).