Screen auto rotate lag

Dell Inspiron 7630 2-in-1 with Nvidia Mx550

I’ve been testing gnome with the latest live usb iso. If I boot with open source drivers everything works perfectly (on-screen keyboard tablet mode etc). If i boot with proprietary drivers then any time i rotate the screen screen then the screen goes black for 3-4 second’s before rotating and coming back on.
I know theres been several issues with Wayland which the latest Nvidia drivers have fixed, is the rotation issue likely to be one of them or am i best just installing the nouveau drivers and sticking with what works?

Bit out of the loop these days

I do have an Inspiron 2 in one 4xxxx … had same issue … was gone after the latest bios and firmware updates. Hope that helps.

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Updated Bios yesterday so might try Nvidia drivers but ATM nouveau are working fine. Only issue so far is Firefox is the only browser where on-screen keyboard works for some reason

Stick with Nouveau Drivers: If everything works perfectly with the open-source Nouveau drivers, this might be the simplest and most stable solution for now. Do you use Wayland or X11? The issue you’re experiencing with screen rotation and the proprietary Nvidia drivers is likely due to the way the Nvidia driver handles screen rotation under Wayland.

is the rotation issue likely to be one of them

I would suspect that. But without any infos whats really going on.

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Had the issue with both 11 and Wayland. Don’t really need Nvidia as I’m dual booting so can use windows for anything graphic intensive. Probably stay on Nouveau for a while and wait for the next Nvidia update

I agree. The risk/reward ratio does not suggest another way in my opinion for that little problem.

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