Scratch after update 19/04/2021

After an update unable to reboot
force to reload the system from zeros

black screen without access other than to reset the phone


We are not lucky together today…

I just tested the dev image, that had no issues, but I tested todays stable image, and updated it, which “broke” just like yours.

Are/where you on unstable branch?


luckily I have a phone and diary sav

so i will retest phosh before giving plasma

So you where not using any of the development images we have, but one of the betas, or a factory image?

Can you tell me exactly which one?
Because if you where on stable branch, then it’s another issue than what I have.

It had been a Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-20210413.img.xz since I was doing I update daily
the update of 2021-04-19 broke a real bug my first for 3 months but there is irreparable

That image on on unstable branch. So still likely the same issue. And I think I might know what it is and trying to fix it. :slight_smile:

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I have a backup of calendar and phone number

for me it does not matter , recharge tomorrow

I will be leaving beta 4 plasma mobile


For anyone else, I’m uploading a fix (updated qt5-es2-base package) to unstable branch now.
So make sure you get qt5-es2-base version 5.15.2-3, when you update. Else your Plasma Mobile won’t boot after you update ICU.

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Hello, today from the plasma-mobile beta 4 database, passed in testing then pacman -Syyu

Everything is fine, everything is back to normal :wink: thank-you

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