Schroot quit working



Recently took an update and schroot quit working. Have been successfully using it for a number of months before this change. Didn’t make any changes to the schroot config or chroot files. Not sure what version I was running before. Tried to downgrade, but looks like I’ll have to downgrade too many other things to make it work (libboost).

~ >>> schroot -V
schroot (Debian sbuild) 1.6.10 (05 May 2014)
~ >>> schroot
E: PAM error: Authentication failure

journalctl output:
Feb 21 00:06:20 hamer schroot[12386]: pam_warn(schroot:account): function=[pam_sm_acct_mgmt] flags=0 service=[schroot] terminal=[/dev/pts/1] user=[nacrapo] ruser=[nacrapo] rhost=[hamer]


See here
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The thread seems to suggest reinstalling pambase might help? That didn’t work for me. I do have a /etc/pam.d/schroot file.

After looking at the last comment in that thread a bit, it looks like the schroot config file needs a change - like it must specify an “account” interface? I added a new line to the existing config file as shown below.

# The PAM configuration file for the sbuild `schroot' service
account required

That got me past the PAM issue. Debugging the next thing now. Looks like schroot doesn’t get past the setup-start stage for some reason.