Scheduled release of Updates of Kernel 5.19 subversions?

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I would like to ask about any information about releasing updates for Linus kernel 5.19 updates. Currently i am using 5.19.1-3 - newest available in the stable branch. Is there any information available about when the next subversion will be released, and which (5.19.?) on Kernel org is already 5.19.6. I ask about ready finished releases in the stable branch, I do not pressure anyone for anything, i ask out of curiosity.


Yes, that is correct

Stable 5.19.1-3
Testing 5.19.4-1
Unstable 5.19.5-1

Most likely will come as the other updates. Since the latest stable update was in 2022-08-16 it might be the case that the next stable update will be ready in the middle of September.


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If a user would like to find this information for themselves, is the best way the Manjaro Branch Compare Project Packages:eyes: :person_shrugging:

It was written about in this blog entry: New packages service is online | Blog

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Thanks, i appreciate it.
Good luck and best wishes!

I know it is not exact science, and i know we talk about suggested time frame, not for exact dates.

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i got the answers i was looking for, Thanks to the cool people here.

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