Scaling issues in software viewport

Hi, I have a small issue, couldn’t find anything similar online, maybe someone here could help me

So I’m running the latest Manjaro with Plasma DE, graphics card is Intel UHD 620 with default video-linux driver

I use 200% scaling because of my 4K 13" display, and everything works fine, except for the viewport in Comsol


As you can see everything is clean except from the viewport: the geometry on the right is supposed to be centered an zoomed to extents

But it isn’t in the right place and the resolution of the viewport is terrible

Its possible some sort of block is on my end but I cant load your image link.

If you use KDE, and have one monitor that is HiDPI … there are wiki instructions for that … but I will share what I use:

(warning - its mine, for me, no guarantees, etc etc)

For COMSOL interface inconsistency please use COMSOL Support Center

Also fair … could be very specific.
Geez at quick glance I cant even tell if it is java or gtk or what.

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Yeah, had a quick look at their documentation and i gave up … :sweat_smile:

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I contacted COMSOL support. They told me that issues on Linux aren’t a priority at all (the guy I had on the phone sounded like having a native Linux version was already a privilege).

It seems to use Java, and has its own instance of a JRE, maybe I should try reinstalling using the system JRE instead of having the setup program setup its own JRE for this software only… But I’m not sure this would solve my issue.