Scaling 4k monitor on KDE

So I have this weird problem when using scale display. Scaling works fine when I set it to 1 or 2 but somewhere around 1.6, 1.7 (best for me), I get this weird lines in the terminal (they disappear on window resize). Also, search placeholder in settings is moved to the left outside of input and some minor issues like flashing screen in the terminal part when the terminal is used inside an app(visual studio code for example when doing an install of a package) or similar. Is this common issue or is there another way to scale it properly.

I noticed that, too. Apparently it’s a known issue with the terminal. If you don’t use a whole number for scaling, you get those weird artifacts. Apparently it’s been a problem for a long time.

Which is unfortunate, because it kind of ruins the fact that KDE can do more than just whole numbers like Gnome.

I have noticed it is appearing when your scale is not 2 but eg. 1.5. At least for me it was removed by setting the scaling to 2.0

That means translated it does the same as Gnome then.

That’s sadly true, for Konsole users (including Yakuake). Using a different terminal avoids the issue, allowing you to enjoy the greater scaling abilities of KDE. I installed Terminator to avoid the issue, for example.

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I have the same problem, to work somewhat around that I set the scaling to 2. Then I vary with the font DPI scaling. I have it set now on 168 which looks nice on my 27 inch monitor.

What I recently discovered was the environment setting PLASMA_USE_QT_SCALING. When set to 1 it solves some issues with font spacing etc. For instance the popup menu when right clicking on the desktop is off with scaling but looks OK with that env variable set.

Maybe something to play around with if you have that problem too. If you use latte dock 0.8.x however this env variable is problematic because latte get the screen dimensions wrong and that results in problems with the auto hide feature.

Hope this helps.



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