SbK Xfce-Compiz 19.0

I am very pleased to announce SbK Xfce-Compiz 19.0

It took a few days to get the color pallet for the theme to my liking. I was going for a dark version of Greybird. I am not sure if it ended up that way to everyone, but it looks that way to me. In any event here is what it has.

  1. Compiz 9 with the rotating cube for virtual desktops, faded windows in the background, wobbly windows, and other effects.
  2. The 5.4.28 LTS kernel.
  3. A dock with transparent background and intelligent auto hide.
  4. A new GTK and matching Kvantum theme (KvSpinDarkGrey). It is my interpretation of what a dark Greybird theme would look like.
  5. A new icon theme Mint-X-Blue2 and matching dark theme with lighter controls.
  6. 11 new blue backgrounds in the /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash/Blue folder.
  7. Packages are up to date as of 4/3/2020.

It also contains the standard SbK features.

  1. It is multiarch by default to make running wine games and other 32bit software you may run easier.
  2. The Spins by Kilz signed repository is enabled for SbK project packages.
  3. Timeshift autosnap installed. It takes a snapshot before upgrading so any bad upgrades can be easily reversed.
  4. Bloatware has been removed (HP printer software and others).
  5. Flatpacks and snaps are not installed. The back ends are also not installed but can be installed by the user if they want.

A very minimal and full iso can be found here.

As always questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome, just leave them below.



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