SbK Xfce-Compiz 18.1.5

I am pleased to announce the release of Xfce-Compiz 18.1.5. This release brings all the SbK spins up to 18.1.5. This will make it easier going forward.

It has:

  1. Compiz 9 with the rotating cube for virtual desktops, faded windows in the background, wobbly windows, and other effects.
  2. The 5.4.6 lts linux kernel.
  3. A dock with transparent background and intelligent auto hide.
  4. A gtk Dark Red theme. There is also a Kvantum (KvDarkRed) theme so qt apps look a little better.
  5. The Spins by Kilz signed repository is enabled for SbK project packages.
  6. 10 new red backgrounds in the /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash/Red folder.
  7. Improved font rendering.
  8. Timeshift autosnap is installed. It takes a snapshot before upgrading so any bad upgrades can be easily reversed.
  9. Bloatware has been removed (HP printer software and others).
  10. Flat packs and snaps are not installed. The back ends are not installed but can be installed by the user.

The iso's can be found here.

As always comments, suggestions, and requests are welcome, just leave them below.



how to fix conky ... font is not visible

You could change the font color in the .conkyrc to a visible one. A shade of red would be best imho.

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