SbK Xfce-Compiz 18.1.4

Next up for SbK is a Xfce Compiz spin. This one took a little longer because of improvements to the project in the form of a signed repository. for the packages created by the project.
It features,

  1. The first 18.1.4 release.
  2. Compiz 9 with the rotating cube for virtual desktops, faded windows in the background, wobbly windows, and other effects.
  3. The 5.3 linux kernel.
  4. A new gtk Dark Red theme.
  5. Lots of new red backgrounds in the /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash folder.
  6. No flatpacks, snaps or related software.
  7. Lots of bloat removed! Including the HP software and others for over a 300mb reduction on the install medium.

A minimal and full iso can be found here.

On a side note This may be the last desktop for the project unless someone requests one that I am familiar with like Cinnamon. Requests taken below. The project may also be moving to OSDN in the near future. Likely as soon as a bug that prevents Pamac from updating the repository on their end is resolved.

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome.


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No problem but 5.3 is EOL.

mainline: 5.5-rc2 2019-12-15 [tarball] [patch] [inc. patch] [view diff] [browse]
stable: 5.4.5 2019-12-18 [tarball] [pgp] [patch] [inc. patch] [view diff] [browse] [changelog]
stable: 5.3.18 [EOL] 2019-12-18 [tarball] [pgp] [patch] [inc. patch] [view diff] [browse] [changelog]

Can you give me a link to where that info is?


Thanks much! I likely wont do rc's, but I will stay away from eol.

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sgs @ Linux 5.4.5-1-MANJARO x86_64 18.1.4 Juhraya

I did a little more research on the best kernel to use. I was questioning if compiling a kernel might be the way to go because I could not find a 5.4.6 package. Then I came accross this page should and to me it make a lot of sense for most users. So I have narrowed down what will likely happen with future releases slightly. I think the latest supported kernel in the repositories is likely the best for most users which is 5.4.2 at present.

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