SbK - State of the project

While I am waiting for the 21.1 (Pohvo) release from Manjaro, I have taken a look at where the project is.
Since the release of the SbK 21.0.7 releases a few things have happened.

  1. I added a new hard drive to my NAS/Build server. In the process I formatted the wrong drive with a cli command and wiped the OS and build environment. Good thing it was 80% backed up. The good thing that came out of it is I was able to make some changes to the structure of the build environment to remove a few things that didnt work quite right before. It only took about 3 weeks to make it perfect.
  2. I have settled on FlatRemix for the icons, while changing the folder colors for spins. I recreated its folder structure so that each color doesnt have duplicates of all the icons that are not changed.
  3. I looked at the yearly download data for the spins that have been released. I came to the conclusion that the order of the desktop releases will see the more popular ones released first.
  4. The data also showed me which desktops will receive a little more polishing.

Please post here if you have any requests or suggestions for SbK Spins. Feedback is important and now is a great time to make any changes.