SbK Mate-Compiz 18.1.5

After finishing the Cinnamon build I realised that a lot of improvements had been made since the 18.1.2 & 18.1.3 iso's were released. So I am going to redo all the early releases like Mate-Compiz and KDE to get them up to date.
This release has:

  1. Compiz 9 with the rotating cube for virtual desktops, faded windows in the background, wobbly windows, and other effects.
  2. The 5.4.6 lts linux kernel.
  3. It uses the SbK signed repository.
  4. The (KvMintDark) Kvantum theme has been improved so qt apps look a little better.
  5. Improved font rendering.
  6. 9 new green wallpapers to compliment the theme. The wallpapers were organized after the 18.1.3 release to make it uniform for all releases.
  7. The iso's are about 200mb smaller because of removed bloat. Though they still have the same applications and settings gui's as 18.1.3.
  8. Lots of updates since 18.1.3.
  9. As always no snaps or flatpacks.

All in all a lot of improvements for the Mate 18.1.5 release.

As always thanks for taking a look and suggestions/comments are always welcome.

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