SbK Gnome 18.1.5

I am pleased to announce the SbK Gnome 18.1.5 release.

This was by far the hardest build yet, even harder than Kde. But the hard work paid off IMHO.

This release includes

  1. The 5.4.13 Linux kernel which is a LTS kernel.
  2. It is multi arch by default.
  3. The following Gnome shell extensions, most from the AUR:
    Dash to Dock
    Arch update (Pamac update notifier)
    Clipboard Indicator
    Dynamic Top bar
    Hide Top bar (intelligent hiding of the top bar)
    Remove dropdown arrows (from top bar, mostly they are useless because clicking on the icon does the same thing)
    Gno Menu (not used but included with the install)
  4. Both the full and minimal versions have a dark and purple gtk theme, including a new shell theme. It may be hard to tell but the top bar is transparent.
  5. I added 15 new desktop wallpapers. They can be found in /usr/share/backgrounds/usplash/Purple. One of them is the background for the desktop and login screen.
  6. Firefox is the browser.
  7. Lighter-gnome at the suggestion of Chrysostomus. A wonderful addition that really speeds up everything while not sacrificing functionality.
  8. LightDM instead of GDM. Simply because GDM themes are binary blobs that are a real pain in the rear to change and edit. LightDM works well, has text files for settings, looks good with Gnome, and there are more Light DM themes than GDM themes if you want to change the theme. A real no brainer choice.
  9. As with all SbK releases bloat has been removed (Steam and HP printer software), and there are no snaps or flatpacks.

A full and minimal iso can be found here.

As always questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome, just leave them below.



I forgot to add a kvantum theme to the spin. For those who may want to run qt apps its a must. Its now in the SbK repository and can be easily installed in the spin. Its name is kvpurpledark.

Thanks Jim.

Your desktop environment looks great, as it's your own unique look. Brand your own boot/grub/startup with SbK and your own color palatte and you're in business.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to have to look into creating a boot/grub theme. Perhaps even having different ones to match the OS theme of a specific spin.

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You could take an existing grub theme and edit its files. In my experience creating a new grub theme from scratch is almost 20% as difficult as creating a new gdm theme. So, having a starting point makes things much easier

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We are considering adding gui for gdm customization in gnome-layout-switcher. But that's probably not going to be ready before the summer. At that point you might want to consider switching to gdm because of the lock screen integration and wayland support. But for the moment, lightdm seems to make sense for this spin.

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Thanks, if the changes you suggest happen I would likely switch it to gdm. At present it is just to much work to make changes to a gdm theme. Lightdm is superior in that regard imho being just text files and images. Why gdm themes are a binary blob is beyond me. Its a real pain to create themes with the blob. Perhaps thats why there are very few themes for gdm.

gnome was never meant to be customized
perhaps in later versions
they will make it even harder to customize it.
but no matter how hard they try.
gnome-extensions will make it easier by some margin.

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Sadly that seems to be the way Gnome is going. It could be why I never ran Gnome 3 for very long. It appears to me that the developers want to make it so no one uses it. Without the extensions I would have never made this spin.

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Yeah, I also prefer editing text files. Much easier to script. Also, gdm binary blob is owned by the package, so any changes you make are going to get overwritten by pacman updates unless you use a pacman hook or something to re-apply the theme.

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