Savoury September (2018) Screenshots



Clean Desktop



Termite and Gotop

Ncmpcpp, Ncmpcpp visualizer and cava at the bottom.



And Bar is Polybar.


WOAH! Sooooo cool. It makes me wanting to install i3.

But dude, you’ve got the calendar both @ polybar & conky, you’ve got no excuse for posting here :grin:


Yeah as I can’t see calender while working. :grin:


New thread, “show me your .i3/conf” :smiley: , please. :slight_smile:

Reminder: Polybar!!!

Calender :wink:


Here you go:


Good work that is most excellent.


Having read about Banksy letting a work self-shred following its sale at auction for over a million ( I feel inspired rather than artistic.
Can someone maybe make a self-destructing windows-logon screen (eaten by Manjaro)? :slight_smile:


Your idea, your work. :smiley:


My current Xfce4 desktop


Could you like… share the configs for this theme? I’m f@#&ing loving your window theme


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