Savoury September (2018) Screenshots



I think I asked another member previously how one got the colour-gradiented font in neofetch, and was directed to the neofetch github page.

I gather I have to use the


function somehow in the config file, but have no idea how.

So what config settings did you use to get the coloured fonts, over and above having the colours on the Manjaro logo?

Or did lolcat do that as well? (sorry, not at my computer right now)


The lolling cat takes care of everything! :rofl::cat2:



I was trying to be polite by not mentioning you by name.


I changed my Gnome set-up from Orange

to white colored themes.


I also recently discovered the Lounge theme and liked it a lot, however, the Gtk2 apps do not respect its theming, e.g. Inkscape or Pidgin, do you also experiencing the same problem?


I’m not using Inkscape nor Pidgin, but I didn’t noticed any issues with other GTK2 apps.


@xircon, @ypraw, @klorax - bitchin’!
your setups were really nice to look at :star_struck:
thanks for sharing


I’m a bit late this month, but here goes, decided to go with KDE just for a change! :smile:


“Hola a Todos! Cómo Están?” Hi Everyone How are you? :smile: Here i am gonna show you my simple setup. I am using Manjaro KDE version with simple customizations. If you want to know what am i using here keep reading. :wink:

Widget style: QtCurve (70%Opacity)
Color Scheme: Arc Colors
Widget Theme: Helium
Gtk Theme Style: X-Arc-Plus
Icon theme: Newaita (Available from AUR)
Fonts: Comfortaa regular / Menlo (for monospace)
Dock: Latte-dock available in repositories.
Wallpaper: Set it Automatically with Variety App. But here the source

Dolphin Customization is simply moving the panels and adding buttons to the toolbar.
Hope you enjoy and rate it :smiley: Any question or suggestion just msg me.



Ok! You conquered my heart with that Samus background!!
Precioso fondo!!


Muchas Gracias Thanks A Lot! glad you enjoy it


@klorax, thanks for introducing me not just to lolcat but also the Dracula colour theme!

I liked it so much I cranked up the oomox machine - which I’m happy to discover has added Arc to its themable templates - to put together an Arc-Dracula gtk theme for my Budgie setup.


Otherwise there’s really no change in this desktop except for occasional theme and icon changes (yep, super boring). And whatever wallpaper is displayed by Variety.



gnome after a long time… kept it simple with a conky


Tweaking breezeblurred to use the same gradient style as the window (aether-kv)… now everything blends so nicely * - *


New playground i3wm :slight_smile:

entropy and log

Conky thread, show your work!

Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS

It looks nice. Would you care to share the conky setup? I would love to see how you managed to include enthropy and system log on top left side.

Conky thread, show your work!

My custom desktop based on Gnome with some custom CSS.
Gnome Extensions I use:

My theme is a custom one for both the applications and shell (Trom2) and a slightly modified Papirus icons (Papirus Dark). For Thunderbird it is another custom made theme (plus remove most menus and buttons from Thunderbird menu). You can find them here (currently uploading so wait like 1h after this post to download them)


Same old really for me.