Savoury September (2018) Screenshots



A Legend of Zelda Wallpaper… You have earned my heart! :blush:




lol indeed.

I was listening to a music track called precisely “Windows 95 on acid” while looking to your screenshot. So appropriate :smile:


that’s f*cken tight :wink:

you win the prize this month :tada: , congrats


How do you get that colour gradient in the text of your neofetch output?

I know nuts about these sort of things.



More KDE :smiley:


Still figuring out my conky colours.


Super Plasma-Man XD


Ok, been a while since I’ve redecorated, but here we go…


That’s a pair of uncluttered screens, but normally they look like this…


Need to sort out panels and some other details, but generally happy with this


Dracula and Donuts! :doughnut:

Lots of color, lots of Dracula! Lots of food, lots of donuts! Pacman, a Cowboy, and a Clown is eating a bunch of food.

My second post here, so still a bit new at this. First one was in the July thread, missed August, thought I should join in again! :grin:

KDE :dragon: Plasma again, still trying to use it as a tiling window manager (i3 on my other computer).

Dracula is the name of the color theme and the picture (by Scott Teplin) is full of Donuts.

Clean 1: Desktop

Clean 2: Neofetch

Dirty 1: Floating

Dirty 2: Tiling


Looks nice - What is this theme called, how can I replicate?


Hi themanfromearth

Its the deepin desktop, with the default deepin icons, I have it installed on archlinux. Manjaro have a deepin edition if you don’t want to install Archlinux. You can find it here:

The wallpaper is my own, you can download that from my opendesktop account, here:

That’s pretty much it, if you need any help give me a shout :slight_smile:




Uoap! Cool desktop!!


Simple Gnome desktop, Lounge GTK/Shell theme.


Only One Donut :doughnut: Left, but a Lolling :rofl: Cat :cat2: Has Appeared!

When Dracula was trying to blur the lines between practicality and beauty, pacman, the cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:, and the clown :clown_face: ate all except one donut :doughnut:. However, during the experiment one lolling :rofl: cat :cat2: appeared! (Reference to my previous post).


Ok! Someone has to tell me how to accomplish the colors on the Manjaro logo of Neofetch… :sob::blush:


Pipe it through lolcat

neofetch | lolcat

You obviously have to install lolcat


And here i am, waiting for the compiz reloaded devs to try implement the code of the kde blur into compiz, i’m gonna get crazy if we don’t get that on other DE’s.