Savoury September (2018) Screenshots



September mood on Mangaro Gnome unstable. With awesome Muser wallpaper :o))


My current setup on KDE edition: AdaptaBreath (kvantum) theme with Papirus-Adapta-maia and Suru++ icon themes and Latte-Dock left/Latte-Panel top/conky widget (lua) right


Still using awesome and wal for theming.


Required terminal sessions for tilers :stuck_out_tongue:

With some apps


:fallen_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :sun_behind_rain_cloud:


Gosh! Nice wallpaper! And very clean setup!


Today was my birthday and so i wanted to actually do something important for the theme, apart from erasing a lot of trash code i made a dark variant so it integrates well, and add animations to the XFCE panel.

This is the animation and it looks even better on the button of the tasks, and it looks way faster irl tbh.


And Happy Birthday. :birthday:


Captain Linux:

Original pic:


beautiful :fallen_leaf:
@Potato, wow… go xfce :fist_right:


Hello community! It’s been a while.

KDE on my Thinkpad. Sweet and fast.


Wallpaper from Wallhaven
(and my translation —work in progress— of Homer’s Odyssey into Spanish)


is that atom you’re writing in?


Yep! Is Atom with a fountain plugin for writing screenplays… I was swearing 'cause the program I was using in Mac updated to a new version only compatible with the new MacOS version a version my 2009 Mac can’t install… So I start a research for fountain in Linux and et voila here I am! :blush:


is it suited for other forms of writing as well? i’ve been keen on a nice prose editor/plugin lately.


Yeah! I was surprised but it seems like there’s plugins for everything, or almost everything, in this program…


finally back on manjaro after over a month of no PC
fresh installation of illyria


I figured that since I hardly ever post screenshots of my main work hourse, I’d do so now.
So here it is , my Netrunner Rolling desktop:


Enlightenment is still my favorite desktop even if it can seem as buggy as the Bayou at times.

Firefox, Pamac, Dophin, Teminology, Kate, with Bryce and nouveGnomeGray icons…


Light and breezy on top of Kilimanjaro, changed the codename of my custom testing branch ISO again to Kibo, the dormant 3rd volcanic crater on Kilimanjaro.

EDIT - updated with a split in half image so it spans both panels properly