Savoury September (2018) Screenshots



It’s September! Time to unleash my new wallpaper from Death Parade

My current KDE desktop screenshot



still i3!


Giving Ubuntu MATE another go

Original image:


Depicted: Adventures in learning Python

And of course KDE Plasma, freshly installed (with changes to some “Breath Dark” colors and what not). Also trying out the testing branch experience after some months on XFCE-stable.


That’s very nice.

Pretty much the same as usual for me:

Just some minor changes to Polybar.


Xfce with Plank, Drop Down Terminal, Adapta-Eta, Papirus icons and Radio Italia, solo musica italiana :slightly_smiling_face:
(Must admit, a little bit a la Voyager, a great little beautiful distro)


Looks good. Great colours.


i3wm system broke last month, so it’s back to KDE.


Had to re-upload. For some reason I can’t upload .png anymore here and zippy didn’t work anymore…
Switched to a font that is actually readable without magnifying glass…


So the summer is over and we are starting to miss it… Some screenshots remembering the beach!! :sunglasses: while I continue to write something…


Empty desktop with just a small Conky showing some vital information. Picture, same as last month, is from a National Geographics movie I found on Youtube.

Dolphin, Konsole and Kinfo all in transparent mode.
As widget theme I use Kvantum with KvGlassWhite.
Changes to last month setup: icon theme is now La Capitane.


Very nice, I couldn’t have a link to that wallpaper could I please?



Good find.


the mighty fluxbox

@jolupa nice!


If you need more sizes here’s the Reddit where I find it


Thank you!


Thanks for that.