Saving Timeshift snapshots from 2 different Distros on same partition?


Is it possible, acceptable and usable to save different Timeshift snapshots from 2 different Distros on same partition?
I have created a dual boot with Manjaro and Ubuntu. I have created a partition on an external drive for Timeshift snapshots and have so far created 2 snapshots for Manjaro ... can I save snapshots from the Ubuntu distro on the exact same partition side by side with the Manjaro partitions, or do I have to create a separate partition, each for each distro’s snapshots?


No problem whatsoever - I keep mine on a 3TB Toshiba (T3) and whenever I install, I use gnome-disks to mount that disk at /mnt/T3.

That means anything in my backups always points to the same paths. I can restore Mint from last year if I want :wink: and that's also easy for browsing and copying to my / if I don't want to restore all (like Mint fonts/themes/wallpapers, for example).

The same applies to back-in-time backups - so you can import and modify config files (they don't all work exactly the same way - shortcuts etc might be different).

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Awesome good to know ... so I can use gnome disc on any distro?
And if ever need be (heaven forbid), is it possible to launch these images from boot?
Do the snapshot images include a boot ability like a boot disc?

I installed it on KDE, gnome is a desktop, not a distro. Snapshots are NOT images, images are the same size as the original disk - huge in comparison.

I did trash an old hard drive, do a fresh install to SSD and restore the timeshift - indistinguishable from the original. After doing backintime it was as if I hadn't touched it - except the 15 second boot.

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Awesome to know, thanks for the info.
Yes I was just thinking “gnome disc” was an “app” that would also be downloaded and installed on other distros besides Gnome itself ...
What does Manjaro KDE Use ... I’m sure it has its own built in?

Don't know, don't care - I like gnome-disks :stuck_out_tongue: I guess partition does it (kde is very similar to gparted, maybe a bit better lookingi 'cos it's QT).

Silly question ... what does “Qt” stand for, that makes it “better looking”?
Sorry again, newbie silly questions



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