Saving file contents after reboot

A little backdrop maybe. I had a sound issue and I found a fix on a youtube video and I want to make it so that the file contents I changed stay this way after a reboot. The following two files are as follows.
I had to change the first one from a 1 to a 0. I had to change the second one from a Y to an N.
The video went on to say if you have tlp installed you had to make a change so the first two wouldn’t change after a reboot but I apparently don’t have tlp installed so I couldn’t make that change.
Anyway to make these files from reverting? Like hardcode it to a read-only or something?

The problem is that the contents of /sys are not stored on your drive. /sys is a virtual filesystem through which the kernel exposes information about the hardware to userspace, and most specifically, for use by the systemd-udevd and udisks2 device managers.

In other words, modifying files under /sys is the wrong approach. Kernel module parameters should probably be set under /etc/modprobe.d.


Don’t edit the files directly.

See this related post:


So is there a file structure in the modprobe.d area that I should be making these changes to instead and if so, does anyone know what files these are so I can finally fix this sound crackling issue permanently?

The file structure isn’t there yet, but there is a certain organization that will be read if present. You probably need to create a text file with the correct parameters and name and put it in there.

The main problem I see with the related post is also an issue as I posted in my OP that I do not have tlp installed. Do I need to actually install this tlp just to make the changes?

TLP is neither related nor required. However, it does have power management options.

So I should just create a tlp.conf file and write the contents into it anyway?


The reason I am saying that is because of the /sys files are looking for a tlp.conf file to not revert changes and I make the file then it should suffice? I mentioned I do not have tlp installed but it is said that is not related or needed. But the other post specifically mentions making these changes so what else can I do?

Both what @Aragorn said and the linked post mentioned doing the following:

For a permanent fix, create a new .conf file :


Add the following settings in the file :

options snd_hda_intel power_save=0

Then reboot your system.

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Thank you, this worked. So I don’t see what was so weird about me creating the /etc/tlp.conf file when I essentially just did the same thing only in just /etc/modprobe.d ? Effectively did the same thing only in a different manner.

A /etc/tlp.conf file is only actually useful
when you have the tlp service started and running
only then are the configurations in it actually applied.

without tlp
doing it the
/etc/modprobe.d/... way
is actually the only correct (and working) way :wink:

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Only TLP reads that file. If it’s not installed, it does nothing.

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