Same /home for different manjaro DEs?

Hey there, I am running Manjaro KDE at the moment and would like to also use i3wm on the side. So can I use the same /home partition for both KDE and Manjaro i3wm(the community build)?

The reason is that I am short on space. I’ve tried looking up online - Arch forums say that using it for two distros(OP asked for Ubuntu and Arch) will cause random errors and stuff. Since I’d be using the same distro but with a different DE, I wonder how that would turn out…

Normally could cause some problems even with different DE from the same distro. But i3 is just a window manager, I don’t think it could cause any problems

So, nothing to lose if I try it eh? I’ve got TimeShift up and running(RSYNC snapshot)…

The last time I tried experimenting got me to reinstall the whole OS haha - terminal noob here.

That happens to everyone at somepoint. Just make a backup before and if something goes wrong, just “timeshifted” the system. Usually the variable how break the system is the one sit between the screen and the chair…I’m a new user of i3 too and I know about that…

haha alright. will try and get back then. Thanks a lot visone

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