Samba stopped working after update - March 2021

I just (Evening 8.3.21) updated my System and now my samba/cifs share does not work any more. I still got a Laptop with Manjaro that has not been patched for about 1 Month and that still works fine.
The strange thing, dmesg does not throw any errors and I actually can mount the share and I can see the folders in the shares root directory, but if I cd into these folders, no files are shown there.
Even more strange, I can mount the share using Dolphin and that works, but I really would prefere to have the share in my fstab so all users can mount it using a .smbcredentials file instead of entering a PW each time.
Any ideas what I could try?
These are the options in fstab: //IP /mnt/nas cifs rw,noserverino,users,noauto,credentials=/home/XXX/.smbcredentials 0 0
noserverino is not the problem, tried it without that option and does not work also.