Safest and easiest way to change DE

I’m currently using Manjaro XFCE, which I really like.
But playing with the current version of Manjaro KDE in a VM for some time, I’m thinking about switching to KDE. It is so much more polished and seems to work quite as well on lower end hardware as XFCE does.

I have two options of switching DE:

  1. New install from scratch
  2. Follow a guide for changing DE (install like here and than remove everything from XFCE)

I think in this forum there are people who already did such changes and therefore I just to know about your experience, which is the better of these two solutions. Which is more safe? Which is less work? I already read of people who got problems by changing DE. So maybe a new install is the way to go?

Thanks and best regards

Hi there, I really don’t know if you can install KDE alongside XFCE then scrap completely the original XFCE DNA from your system. If so, I guess you would have to reinstall KDE once more, as some major things would have been gone with XFCE.

I’ve performed several Manjaro DEs dual/triple boot, but just a VM with Deepin and UKUI both. I’ll let other adventurers testify, but a new install is for me the easiest (and cleanest) way.

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This is the safest and easier way.


If a Manjaro team member is so direct about one of the solutions, I think I should take it :smiley:
Thanks for your quick advice. Now I know, what I can to do over this all so different Christmas holidays.

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