Ryzen freezes - possible solution related to C6 state



Hey guys!

After several attempts to solve freezing with Ryzen cpus I found the solution:

Get zenstates from here: https://github.com/r4m0n/ZenStates-Linux

Create a systemd service in /etc/systemd/system:

Description=Ryzen Disable C6
After=sysinit.target local-fs.target



Create executable bash file /usr/local/bin/disable_c6

zenstates.py --c6-disable


It seems C6 state causes lockups for several systems. Although it´s disabled in bios it was still enabled while testing with zenstates. After executing --c6-disable I never had any lockup again! Ryzen 1700X, ASRock AB350 K4

Hope this will help other users to get rid of random lockups especially while cpu is idle

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what Kernel are you currently using?


Here a description what the C6 state is.


Latest 4.14-12.1, tried other kernels before too


thanks for your tip.

i am using the same kernel as you, but i have had occasional freezes on all kernels starting with 4.9.x. all freezes happened with low cpu usage.

i just wanted to test your tip temporarily and used the following commands:

  git clone https://github.com/r4m0n/ZenStates-Linux.git
  sudo modprobe msr     
  sudo ./ZenStates-Linux/zenstates.py --c6-disable

this command shows, whether the c6 state is enabled on your system:

  sudo ./ZenStates-Linux/zenstates.py -l

but you are right. creating a systemd service is the best long-term solution!


Well… forgot the msr module right :smiley:


Hi everybody,

in my hp envy x360 15z bq100 updating the bios to F.19 Rev.A (released in Nov 30, 2018), and updating to the newest Kernel “Linux 4.19.8-2-MANJARO” fix all the problems. With this kernel, also the touchscreen start to working properly and installing the package “iio-sensor-proxy” make the orientation sensor work.