ryzen 5 3400G driver problems. using RAM instead of Gpu

Hello, I have a problem with the linux manjaro kde drivers, I have the latest bios but there was a problem on the old bios. Instead of using the GPU, it uses up CPU and RAM. I don’t know much about Linux so I’m having trouble fixing it on older kernels, the problem was there too. AMD ryzen 5 3400G graphics card: none (integrated graphics). Amd radeon vega 11 Graphic .message written by translator Google because I speak little English

Hi @PiotrPL, and welcome!

First of all, thanks for this:

I, and I think most people here, know that a machine will never be able too translate properly. So clarifying and explaing it goes a long way and will certainly be very beneficial.

Then, integrated graphics is integrated into and onto your system, unlike dedicated graphics. They use your resources, not their own. It will always use CPU and RAM resources.

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can you return

inxi -Fza 

you should have 16Gb memory , 2Gb can be used for share video memory ( reserved )

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Just to clarify.

The 3400G has an integrated GPU, called Vega 11 Graphics. Integrated GPU’s, use the systems RAM as VRAM. The amount available to it, can usually be set in the BIOS/UEFI.

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Thanks for the help, I didn’t have enough RAM and adding a swap partition helped and it doesn’t stutter anymore, :slight_smile: