Ryzen 5 2500U support?


So there are a couple laptops out now with the new mobile ryzen apus. I am thinking about getting the HP Envy x360, but I’m not sure if the drivers will be available. Does anyone know if I will have to worry about that? Will Manjaro be able to automatically find these drivers for me when I install?


I think you need kernel 4.15 for it. Unsure though. But it would make sense.


okay so if the drivers will be in kernel 4.15, then it should work right? I’ve never had an AMD computer before so I didn’t know if I would manually have to hunt for the video drivers or if they would just be built into the kernel.


The 2500U comes with a Vega 8 or something right?
Will probably use AMDGPU.


yeah :smiley: So basically as long as AMD has updated that driver with the new hardware, I should be good? :smiley: and thanks


Would be my guess, but I am not sure. I haven’t owned any newer AMD hardware.


it should work with kernel 4.15.

amdgpu already supports vega, kernel supports vega with 4.15 and ryzen itself is supported since some kernel releases ago … You might need to use architect installer to get 4.15 in Manjaro though.


Or request a custom 4.15 spin. I believe @lolix already did one?


Yes, it is linked here
I can make newer version or with diferent DE if needed


You have an iso that boots with 4.15? That would be fantastic :smiley: if and when I get the pc I’ll see if I can use architect first. I’m also not picky with the DE. So you don’t have to make another one :slight_smile:


I hope there is a chance to create iso that boots 4.15. Would be grateful if You can.

Having the same laptop that OP plans to buy. And got a headache of trying to setup Linux on it. Somehow I’ve installed Ubuntu 17.10 with linux amdgpu binaries (4.15 rc8), but still I have a lot of problems (freezing etc…). Since I’ve always used Manjaro Deepin, such great DE, I really miss it. Can’t even install half of the software that I need right now.

My original thread: Drivers

I did try to create Manjaro DE using manjaro-architect, but no success.
I have no ethernet port on this laptop + it just doesn’t recognize WiFi adapter so I could not setup connection.

Much obliged!


He already did:


I’m also drooling over a Lenovo 720S-13ARR, which sports a Ryzen 5 2500U, as my new work laptop.

Anyone know if it’s easy enough to enter another SSD or?


you might need to look for official technical documentation or models with more stock equipment.

most notebooks have a m.2 SSD preinstalled and a regular 2,5" HDD as additional drivespace, or at least a slot for a 2,5" drive - in that case you should be able to replace the HDD by an SSD (or replace the m.2 SSD with a bigger one)


Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. It comes with a 256 GB m.2 drive and no mention of another slot.

Guess I would have to dualboot it. :stuck_out_tongue:


the lenovo is going to have single channel ram D: personally i’ve changed my mind and i’m going to go with the acer swift which isn’t a touch screen, but i’d probably never use it anyways so i’m not getting the HP xD there will probably be many more choices in the next few months though.


So I ended up going with the HP computer after all and none of the ISOs @Lolix made will boot :confused: I mean they will boot, but when I launch the live desktop it just shows a black screen. Is there a way to get the video driver and put it in the ISO?

The way I make all of my bootable drives is by using GPT, fat32, and DD mode.

Somehow Ubuntu will boot with kernel 4.13 at (800x600) resolution though lol. with Ubuntu I was able to install and then update the video driver and then I got normal resolution. Then i had to get the wifi driver. but also on ubuntu when I installed kernel 4.15, it stopped booting. which is odd.


can you try to add amdgpu.dc=1 to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX boot command in grub on an iso that has kernel 4.15 and check again?


I would close this topic and create a new one. Post there your hardware specs.


thanks i’ll try that and make a new topic after if it still won’t work.

how do i close? just mark as solved?