RX 6800 and linux-firmware-git package

Finally was able to order an RX 6800, it should be delivered sometime next week. I want to make sure it’s plug and play when it gets here so I was trying to update packages.

  1. Kernel: I’m running 5.91 so I should be good there
  2. Mesa is 20.2 as of the last stable Manjaro update

Last step from what I’ve read is to install linux-firmware-git package from the AUR. But it gives me a pgp key error upon building. The only fix suggested on the AUR page here: AUR (en) - linux-firmware-git

Is to import the pgp key with:
gpg --recv-keys 4CDE8575E547BF835FE15807A31B6BD72486CFD6

However, that also runs into an error: gpg: keyserver receive failed: General error

Has anyone recently installed linux-firmware-git and had success?

Also, is there anything else I’m missing?

Hi there :black_flag:
I think what you need to do is specify another server

gpg --keyserver hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 4CDE8575E547BF835FE15807A31B6BD72486CFD6

More info and servers and such here:


thanks for the reply!

I am wondering if I even need to install the linux-firmware-git package, or if the version included in the most recent update has everything I need.

  • Kernel: 5.9.1
  • Mesa is 20.2
  • llvm is 11.0.0-1
  • Linux-firmware is 20201124.r1786.b362fd4-1

Following the link provided for the linux-firmware package: kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git - Repository of firmware blobs for use with the Linux kernel

Shows the following:
Screenshot from 2020-12-03 08-45-10

Am I safe to assume that means the linux-firmware I have installed includes the necessary firmware for the 6800?

thanks in advance!

Well, its not to hard to try. Worst case is that you need to manually start to the multi-user.target from grub and switch back. Personally I’m currently using the git package from the AUR, since i had problems with the package from the normal repositories. Am running on Kernel 5.10 though, so the mileage may vary.
Got mine today aswell :smiley:

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Did some testing and yes… the firmware in the official repositories seems to have all the necessary parts.
Keep in mind though having 2 monitors with different refresh rates does not tend to go well right now, no matter which package.

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