Running out of space

I have Manjaro KDE installed.

I’m running out of space. (80% space occupied)

Can you give any suggestions on how to free up space?

I use bleachbit to clear up junk files. Drive is 80% occupied after using bleachbit regularly, everyday.

I also use the following command after every manjaro update to clear up space,

sudo paccache -rk0

so my drive is 80% occupied after using bleachbit and the above command regularly.

What else could I do to free up space?


There are a hundred different ways you could be using your disk space. Its impossible to contrive every possible situation. Rogue directories in your HOME (which would not be automatically removed) is just one such example.

Fundamentally, if you are using a lot of space … at some point you are going to make a decision on what is important to keep or on buying extra storage.

If you cant manage to cut down your consumption - apps you dont need, photos that could be stored elsewhere, etc … then you simply need more space.

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Well, I don’t know whether the following applies to your use case, but Snap packages are a huge space consumer, so I always recommend installing the regular repo versions of packages if possible. Sometimes the regular version from the repo doesn’t work while a Snap does, and so there are cases where it’s justified, but some people install Snaps as a rule, and that’s the wrong strategy.

Other than that, if you have more than one drive in your machine, then you might want to look at the tutorial below… :arrow_down:

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I’d suggest checking du -h /var/log/journal/ and du -h /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ then posting the results here, along with sudo parted -l.

EG: I’ve had log-spamming due to using an external hard drive with VLC for playing videos and when this disk became disconnected, VLC spammed the logs whilst trying to re-establish connection. It also prevented proper unmounting of said drive from the system, which is what actually lead to the log-spamming. Took several gigs of space in the time it took me to find and stop it.

If you are using btrfs without proper maintenance - one of the symptoms is running out of space.

And the answer to the unasked question - what is proper maintenance - is - I have no idea but you may see Btrfs Maintenance - Manjaro and Btrfs - Manjaro


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If you have extra drives being mounted, make sure they’re being mounted in empty directories.

For example:

I had a ±70GB directory on my main SSD, which I didn’t know wasn’t empty. But I mounted something in the directory. And it showed the mount’s content, the other stuff was invisible. When I did something else, I saw the ±70GB extra stuff, and proceeded to remove it. Lo and behold! I suddenly had ±70GB extra space with nothing lost!

Moral of the story: don’t do drugs Especially not when setting up something like that. (I mean, I was sober with that happening to me?!

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