Running on emulator?

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I’d like to setup a development environment to develop application for plasma-mobile.
I’d like to get manjaro-arm as my base-os.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any phone that can run manjaro-arm.

Is it possible to get manjaro-arm + plasma-mobile running on a (phone) emulator?
I’m well versed in android development and have Android-Studio along with its device emulator installed and running perfectly fine.

Note: I would like to develop some Linux-specific apps around containers etc.


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If you haven’t any ARM64 hardware at hand I guess the easiest way would be to use a qemu virtual machine to run an ARM based OS on your system (qemu-aarch64).

If you have an ARM64 (and ManjaroARM) supported device you could install the required packages from the repos directly.

In any way you will have to check the framework docs how to enable responsive layouts. AFAIK on GNOME/Posh there is a library called libhandy for it, but I have no clue for the Qt/KDE side…

EDIT: here is an intro to the Gnome part… Building responsive Linux mobile apps with libhandy 1.0 and Gtk3

Hello & welcome to the forum.

For Plasma Mobile side user will need qt5 and kirigami stuff.
Here are some documentation links for Plasma Mobile.

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