Running .NET 6 Projects on Manjaro Gnome in VSCode

First of all I am a complete novice to manjaro. I have used Ubuntu for about two years but mainly worked with windows in the last few years. Because of the many advantages linux has compared to windows I am trying to make it the main OS on my working machine, which is why I setup dual boot recently. So please excuse me if my question is not to specific or if there is something obvious that I am missing.

Currently I am trying to run a .NET 6 Web-API project in VSCode. I have installed the .NET sdk and the dotnet tools and have added them to the $PATH. After I opened the projects folder I did restore the nuget packages which did work out fine. However if i type dotnet run into the terminal of VSCode and try to run the project from its root folder, VSCode does not respond for about 2 mins. before crashing completely. Is there any step I missed or anything I am missing or not seeing?

Appreciate your kind support.

You might have to do this too

ensure you are in the right folder - not just the solution but the main project then you can run

dotnet run

otherwise you need to specify the path to the main project - check the syntax using

dotnet run -h

Another point to observe is the settings of your environment - vscode defaults to xterm - which may or may not be installed on your system.