Running Dolphin as root

Can you be more specific? This makes no sense to me…
Copying to GCHQ? or Area51?
I have no restricted locations on my Manjaro installation.

By restricted I mean locations that require root access, e g all locations outside your home directory.

I can copy to all locations in my homedirectory, they all belong to me - I meant a specific thing you needed to copy that you needed a root browser.

I can copy the entire content of my /home and hidden directories, I can also copy and backup parts of my /usr/share folders to back them up separately (like /usr/share/wallpaper or something like that).

But you can’t copy from /home/user to e g /usr/bin without root permissions.

Right, what did you need to copy from /home/user to /usr/bin?
If you have something (like konfsave) in /.local/bin then it is in your path and executable.
You could also execute it using doas to elevate privilege - it isn’t installed by the system.

An example of this might be the program ‘konfsave’.
Now let’s browse there in Dolphin…
Then press F4 to get the terminal and type doas cp konfsave /usr/bin.

This is actually not a good idea, because /usr/bin is for your operating system binaries and packages - you shouldn’t be putting your own programs in there. If other programs go in there, they have a direct mechanism to hijack you - though you could make a directory /usr/local/bin and use that if there was a reason.

Again, no need for a root file browser - just a vague ‘what if?’ instead of a real case.

Now let’s try a real example showing a real need for a root file browser :wink:

Well I guess I shouldn’t have phrased it as a “need”, more convenience, and /usr/bin was just an example of a folder that needs root access. Today I needed to copy a couple of files from /etc/pulse to /run/media/cga/fcc6cac1-ca48-41b3-8ffd-28a263b554d9/etc/pulse/. It was handy just being able to just drag and drop these file from one pane to the other. If you find it just as easy opening a terminal and enter the commands that’s fine.

Right, so we open Dolphin at /etc/pulse and find that we can simply drag them across to /run/media/cga/fcc folder. You don’t need a root browser for that.

Whilst answering this thread, I actually thought of five different times I’d want to move or copy a file from a folder into a protected folder - but I haven’t needed to do it… and if people can’t think of a real reason they really need it, then they shouldn’t argue that they do.

It’s like people who demand cars with more power, when they shouldn’t be driving that fast anyway.

So if you messed with your /etc/pulse files and messed them up, you’ll need to fix them.

You can COPY the contents of /etc/pulse to your /.conf/pulse folder and edit them there, they will override the contents of /etc/pulse.


No you can’t.

Then you have mounted your /run/media/cga incorrectly - there’s your problem. I can drag mine to a USB I just plugged in…

But let’s assume you have a different version on your USB (or in a Timeshift backup) and you want to put it in the /etc/pulse version.

You should do this:

Why necessarily /usr/share/wallpaper? I already do this from the beginning in /home/balder/Pictures/Wallpaper/

I can say something for sure: The only thing I hate more than being told not to run Dolphin as root is being told to never login as root either (something I’ve also heard). That’s also a thing I need to do on rare occasions… typically after a fresh install to tweak my user settings or mounting of the /home partition before first logging in under my normal account. If I ever need to disable the home drive and preform operations with it offline, working from a root session is vital.

Also @Ben I need to ask: What KDE settings and theme are you using to achieve that transparency effect on everything, and is they included in the Manjaro repos? Since I’ve been wanting something like that for a while but never found a stable way to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

The theme is my own variation on Gruv with kvantum.
I guess we should file a bug with KDE saying ‘stop telling us we shouldn’t be allowed to do everything as root’… Similar to Windows bug ‘Stop telling us to stop using IE6’.

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