Running arch in vm


(Obviously I am using manjaro on the host machine :P)

For getting some knowledge about system administration etc. I wanna run few cloned VMs with base arch (terminal only). I managed to create the partitions and everything seems to be fine. I got a connection to the host lan as well, so I can run pacman -Syu and it successfully downloads all the packages.
But as soon as I restart the VM all these packages (and settings like keyboard layout) are lost. I am sure this is an absolute newbie thing I am missing, but I don’t get it. Anyone of you having an idea?

Best regards :slight_smile:

Guess its because I reboot the ISO everytime ;D :man_facepalming: guess this can be closed…


Arch Linux forums would be more suitable to answer your questions about Arch Linux IMO.

Hum, are you sure you’re actually mounting your partitions, use pacstrap, chroot to your future system, etc. as mentioned in the Installation Guide?

If you simply use pacman in the live system, it will manage packages on the live system, not on your future system installed on your VM.

Nevermind then.


You have no idea how many people make this mistake. :wink:

Glad you figured it out.


Yeah, even tho I already did some installations using VM :smiley: Thank you, you two :slight_smile:

Oh, and right now I am realizing that I have no idea about linux…
We should have a sticky with the most basic questions about OS, like what’s grub, bootloader, efi, … :smiley: