Run Adobe Programs

Can I run adobe programs like photoshop or premiere somehow?

If I can please tell me.

I’m a new Linux user :>

There is no Linux version of Adobe products.

Some version of some products may works under WINE but most likely there will be issues.

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No, current Adobe Applications don’t work. Maybe really old ones like photoshop cs2 run through wine.

If you need these applications, then use them in a Windows VM or create a dual boot setup with windows.

However, there are also good alternatives on Linux, but they are not as powerful as Adobe Products, but for most use cases they are very suitable.


No you cannot. Native Windows applications does not work on Linux and that goes for any Linux.

However - a compatibility layer called wine exist. Wine is not for newcomers as it may require a lot of labour - depending on which Windows application.

Check the wine database at - your chance are slim - some older versions could be made to work.

There is a commercial version of Wine called Crossover - in my opinion the best way of getting a supported Windows applications to work. Note the emphasis on supported as the deveolopment is driven by demand.

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There are Github repos which have scripts that get Photoshop running on wine, I myself have one (Ps 2021), and am working on an improved version.
Please read the disclaimer in the repo before removing the link my beloved moderators :grin:

As for Premiere, I would recommend switching to DaVinci Resolve, which runs natively on Linux.

More on DaVinci Resolve.