Run a program on a targeted screen?

Hi guys !

I have a three screens configuration at work. I want to run a script on startup wich opens some programs automatically.

Do you know how I can send a specific program to a targeted screen with a terminal command ? For example : Kmail on screen 2, QuteBrowser on screen 1 and Firefow on screen 3 ?

Thanks for the help and have a great day !

Hello @strathamer :wink:

Just search the web a bit:

There is no straight forward command, but scripts are available for that.

In general:

  1. Read the positions of the screens from xrandr.
  2. Move the window with wmctrl commands.

you use plasma ? plasma have window rules. for each app we can set a default desktop/screen, sizeā€¦ etc

change in script ? no idea for change screen, but for desktop, we can qdbus org.kde.kappmenuview /KWin setCurrentDesktop 3