Rule of thumb for fixing kernel panic?


Last year, I was on here and finally got my kernel panic issue fixed. The only thing I’m really bothered by regarding Manjaro is that on a multiboot system(which I use for many reasons) it causes a panic any time I install an OS on another partition.

Back when I first had this problem, people on the old forum were able to help me fix the issue by having me press E while Manjaro was highlighted in the boot menu. I had to look at the version number and put that into a line they told me to enter, which contained the term “initramfs” in it. Is there a rule of thumb that’s more or less universal for fixing these panics? If not, I can provide more info–I just wanted to see if this problem is simpler than I think now before I write an even longer post than this. :slight_smile: Thanks!

the rule : only use grub manjaro or archlinux, not install other grub

See this.

And if we cannot remember the command “grub> search.file /boot/intel-ucode.img root” ,
we can use a simple “grub> set root= (hdx,y)” but that can be unreliable if we have 2 or more disks though we can use it if we check first with “grub> ls” to be sure we get the (hdx,y) correct.

grub> ls
grub> ls (hdx,y)
grub> set root=(hdx,y)
grub> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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